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Paul Donnachie, Road Traffic Law Solicitor Dunfermline

Paul Donnachie, Solicitor

The prospect of facing a severe penalty for a road traffic offence, and possibly even losing your licence and being banned from driving, is very scary indeed. We understand how concerned you will be about the possible consequences and can use our considerable legal experience to help you.

We defend people who have been charged with road traffic offences in Scotland. If this is you, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible.

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“Although we live in the Highlands we had a minor motoring incident in Edinburgh and were subsequently , and in our view unfairly ,charged with two offences of which we were convinced we were innocent. We did not want to go to an Edinburgh solicitor because of the inconvenience of consultations in Edinburgh and the expense and Donnachie Law was recommended to us by our own solicitor in Edinburgh ,who did not do Road Traffic cases.

Despite the frustrations of dealing with our insurers (Saga) and the incompetence of the Procurator Fiscal service Paul Donnachie gave us an admirable service. He rigorously tested our arguments and did his best to guide us through the unfamiliar world of court procedures and give us confidence in presenting our case. When it finally came to trial almost a year after the alleged incident he spotted a procedural defect in the Crown case and secured a Not Guilty verdict on both counts without us having to give evidence. We could not have asked for better support or a better outcome.

How can we help?

We can help you with all types of driving offence, including –

Road traffic defence lawyer

If you have been charged with a serious road traffic offence, it is possible that you are facing an immediate driving ban. If so, you should contact a lawyer straightaway. There may be far more options available to you than you think, and with the right legal representation it may be possible to preserve your licence.

Even if you have been charged with a minor road traffic offence, we recommend that you speak to a lawyer before making any decisions. You will likely be offered the opportunity take a certain number of fixed penalty points, after which the matter will be over. This can seem very tempting, as it saves you the time and expense of taking further legal action.

However, you need to remember that these points will remain on your licence for three years or more, depending on the offence. If you tot up 12 or more penalty points during this period, you are likely to face an automatic disqualification. So while accepting the points may seem like the best approach now, you may come to regret your decision later on.

If you do lose your driving licence, the consequences can be devastating. Often people do not realise how much they rely on their vehicles and their driving licences until they face disqualification. Your ability to work may be compromised, and even everyday tasks will become difficult, such as picking your children up from school or doing the shopping.

This can have a knock-on impact across all areas of your life, affecting your finances, your relationships and your family. There is also a certain stigma attached to a driving disqualification, and it may cause you issues in the future when it comes to getting motor vehicle insurance or a new job.

Skilled legal advice

At Donnachie Law we have over 35 years’ experience in defending people who have been charged with road traffic offences and can explain the best approach in your individual set of circumstances. Sometimes the right course of action is to accept the fixed penalty points. But that is not always true, and it may be advisable to challenge the charge now, rather than face problems in the long-term.

Lots of people assume that theirs is a fairly open and shut case, particularly if they are charged with a serious offence such as driving over the prescribed limit. However, there are various lines of defence that can be relied upon – you just need a lawyer to explore the possibilities and put forward the right defence for you.

We are here to work in your best interests. So if we do not feel we can save your license, we will tell you so without raising false hope. If we feel, however, that there is a reasonable prospect of defending the charge or of advancing strong mitigating special reasons, we are here to act on your behalf.

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