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Paul Donnachie, Solicitor

When you become a full driving licence holder in the UK, you are placed on a probationary period for two years. If you accumulate six or more penalty points during this time, your licence will be automatically revoked.

If you are a probationary driver and you are facing the revocation of your licence, please call us now on Freephone 0800 678 5167 or make a Free No Obligation Initial Enquiry today and let us explain your options.

.We have considerable experience in defending motor offences in Scotland and can help you preserve your newly acquired licence.

“Although we live in the Highlands we had a minor motoring incident in Edinburgh and were subsequently , and in our view unfairly ,charged with two offences of which we were convinced we were innocent. We did not want to go to an Edinburgh solicitor because of the inconvenience of consultations in Edinburgh and the expense and Donnachie Law was recommended to us by our own solicitor in Edinburgh ,who did not do Road Traffic cases.

Despite the frustrations of dealing with our insurers (Saga) and the incompetence of the Procurator Fiscal service Paul Donnachie gave us an admirable service. He rigorously tested our arguments and did his best to guide us through the unfamiliar world of court procedures and give us confidence in presenting our case. When it finally came to trial almost a year after the alleged incident he spotted a procedural defect in the Crown case and secured a Not Guilty verdict on both counts without us having to give evidence. We could not have asked for better support or a better outcome.

Penalty points for probationary drivers

When you pass your driving test in the UK, you continue to be a ‘probationary driver’ for another two years. If you acquire six or more penalty points while you are a probationary driver, the DVLA will immediately revoke your licence.

Most minor motor offences carry at least three penalty points, some carry six. This means that just one or two offences could be all it takes for you to lose your licence. For example, a minor speeding offence will typically result in your licence being endorsed with three penalty points. Using a mobile hand-held device will usually lead to six penalty points. So, when you are a probationary driver, there are very small margins for error.

Having your licence revoked

Having your licence revoked is not quite the same thing as being disqualified. Rather, you will revert back to being a provisional driver. This means you cannot drive unsupervised, you cannot drive on the motorway, and you must use L plates.

If you want to hold a full driving licence once again, you must re-sit and pass a driving test – this includes both the theory and the practical examinations. You will also be responsible for paying for the cost of these tests.

If you do become a full licence holder once again, the fact that you have had your licence revoked will undoubtedly have an impact on your insurance premiums. Therefore having your licence revoked is not only an inconvenience, it may well also have ongoing financial implications.

How can we help?

If you have received a letter from the DVLA telling you that your licence has been revoked, you should speak to an experienced road traffic defence solicitor.

At Donnachie Law we are highly experienced in this area of the law and have helped numerous probationary drivers who have faced losing their licence. There are different tactics that can be employed in such cases and we can suggest the best way forward in your individual set of circumstances.

Other than being able to establish special reasons, there is no discretion when it comes to the revocation of a probationary driving licence. In other words, if you have six or more penalty points on your licence and you are a new driver, the DVLA will definitely revoke your licence. Because of this, it may be best to contest the fixed penalty or motoring offence, or to enter into plea negotiations.

We can explore the avenues available to you. If we feel we cannot assist you, we will let you know at the start. If we believe, however, that we can successfully defend your case or present strong mitigating special reasons, we will act on your behalf, working hard to preserve your licence.

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If you have been told that your driving licence has been revoked, please contact us now on Freephone 0800 678 5167 or complete our Free No Obligation Initial Enquiry.

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