Driving Too Slowly? You Could Be Charged with Careless Driving

Everyone knows that speeding is an offence. But did you know that driving too slowly could also land you in trouble with the law? In fact, you could be charged with careless driving.

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Careless driving and driving too slowly

The law in Scotland stipulates that you must drive with due care and attention, and with reasonable consideration for other road users. Anything short of this will amount to careless driving.

When you think of careless driving, you might envisage someone weaving in and out of lanes, or driving at excessive speeds. But what about driving too slowly? This can be just as dangerous as speeding, not to mention frustrating for other road users.

Imagine a driver doing 25mph on a motorway. This is extremely unsafe. The driver is at considerable risk of suffering a rear end shunt, as no one anticipates such a slow-moving vehicle on a motorway. It also forces other drivers to overtake, potentially increasing congestion.

The same applies to a driver going 10mph along a single carriageway, even though the speed limit is 60mph. In this instance, the vehicles behind may be unable to overtake, resulting in a long tailback. If the driver is braking erratically, the other road users may also have to take evasive action to avoid a collision.

Therefore, in certain situations, driving too slowly actually amounts to careless driving. You might think that going slowly on the roads is a good thing. However, it could be argued that you were driving without due care and attention, and without reasonable consideration for other road users.

Penalties for driving too slowly

Typically, a driver going at excessively slow speeds will be spotted by a patrol car or reported to the police. Alternatively, if there is an accident, the actions of the offending driver will be scrutinised. Whatever the circumstances, it may result in the driver facing a charge of careless driving.

The penalty for a fixed penalty notice careless driving charge is three penalty points and a £100 fine. However, in more serious cases the police may recommend in their report to the Procurator Fiscal that the case be progressed directly to court, especially if there are concerns about your ability to drive. If this happens, the court has the power to impose from three to nine penalty points, a £5,000 fine and disqualify you from driving.

Careless driving solicitors Scotland

If you have been charged with careless driving for going too slowly, it will likely come as a complete shock. Very few people realise that driving too slowly can lead to a road traffic offence. They are even more surprised to learn that in certain situations, it could cause them to lose their driving licence.

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